Fresh Blood (Deluxe Double LP) - Matthew E. White

Fresh Blood (Deluxe Double LP)

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This deluxe double LP comes in a gatefold sleeve. It contains:

Fresh Blood in full on vinyl. A minimalist interpretation of the album on a bonus LP - Fresh Blood:No Skin. These ten songs of Fresh Blood are guides for times of joy, agony and the middle distance where we most often linger. It is a bracing, beguiling record and a bold advance for White - a record that feels like the brilliant bloom to the striking bud of 2012's Big Inner.


Side A

  1. Take Care My Baby

  2. Rock & Roll Is Cold

  3. Fruit Trees

  4. Holy Moly

  5. Circle 'Round The Sun

Side B

  1. Feeling Good Is Enough

  2. Tranquility

  3. Golden Robes

  4. Vision

  5. Love Is Deep

Bonus LP

  1. Take Care My Baby (No Skin Version)

  2. Rock & Roll Is Cold (No Skin Version)

  3. Fruit Trees (No Skin Version)

  4. Holy Moly (No Skin Version)

  5. Circle 'Round The Sun (No Skin Version)

Bonus LP

  1. Feeling Good Is Enough (No Skin Version)

  2. Tranquility (No Skin Version)

  3. Golden Robes (No Skin Version)

  4. Vision (No Skin Version)

  5. Love Is Deep (No Skin Version)